The Best Primer Ever…

…Nivea Men Post Shave Balm!

Don’t adjust your screens and no I haven’t gone mad, I’ve heard good reviews for using the balm as a primer and I’ve got some great news to report on it.

IMG_1758I picked this up in Wilko for £2.45, which is half the normal price and amazingly cheap for a primer! I’m not going to lie to you, it does smell very ‘manly’ but its not unpleasant and is undetectable once on the skin. It’s quite a runny consistency that sinks into the skin almost instantly, it also leaves quite a matte finish which for an oily little sod like me is always a bonus. Anything to keep the shine at bay!

Here’s a picture of my wonky face to prove it!


Foundation goes on very smoothly over the top and the balm helps it to cling to the skin, I’m writing this post 8 hours after putting make up on and it still hasn’t budged! To be honest I think it’s even better than some more expensive primers like Benefit ‘Porefessional’, so save your pennies and give this a try instead.

10/10 would recommend!

Olivia x

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