‘You must never underestimate the power of the eyebrow’

Genuine quote from  Mr Jack Black and I couldn’t agree more!

It was my birthday on Monday and my mum who knows me all too well got me some more brow products. They say that the eyes are the window to the soul so that must make eyebrows like curtains or something and if you want your soul to look nice then you have to make an effort with your curtains if you catch my drift… Anyway enough about curtains, let’s get back to the brows!

I’ve only ever tried Soap & Glory Supercat liner and some products from their Sexy Mother Pucker range, never any brow products but I’ve heard good reviews so let’s kick this off!

FullSizeRender (63)

Okay, first please try to ignore my terrible skin and the fact that I need to tweeze my brows, but I thought I’d take a picture of them just bare for comparison, here I’ve just brushed them through with a spoolie to neaten them up a bit. They’re not the worst brows but I prefer something a bit fuller and more defined.

First I tried the Archery DIY Brow Bar, in the kit you get two angled brushes, a spoolie, wax, cream highlighter, and two powder brow shades in Love is Blonde (an ashy light brown shade) and Hot Chocolate (a warmer dark brown shade). First I applied a little bit of wax with one brush and then with the second bush gently tapped both powders and started applying it to the tail end of my brow. This was a bit fiddly so I swapped to my normal brow brush (I usually use a powder anyway to fill in my brows) and filled in the rest, I then applied the cream highlighter to my brow bone for a little lift.

This is quite a cool little set and it comes with a mirror in the lid so you can apply it on-the-go. Powder is good for a soft more natural finish as its much easy to blend and unlike pencil you can get away with not having the exact shade.

The second product is a brow putty in the shade Brownie Points, you unscrew the lid which uncovers a brush and if you unscrew the bottom there’s a little pot of putty. I think this would be quite good for travelling a you don’t then have to bring a separate brush.

Surprise, surprise, simply dip the brush in the putty and apply to the bows. Putty gives a slightly more defined and angular finish to the brow which personally I prefer without it looking like I’ve got a couple of pet slugs on my face. Also it doesn’t leave your brows feeling ‘crispy’ which I know some people hate, I’m not really bothered either way.

FullSizeRender (66).jpg

Here’s both brows together for comparison (good job didn’t leave the house on this day because they definitely don’t match! Haha.) One day they’ll be the same shape but until then they shall remain ‘sisters and not twins’!

I hope you’ve enjoyed me jibbering on about the hair just above my eyes. Peace out.

Olivia x

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