Current Favourites

‘Ello ‘ello ‘ello

Here’s some bits and pieces I’ve been loving recently. Firstly is my Cath Kidston bag I got over the summer in the sale, down from £60 to £30. I don’t actually know the name of the style or the print but I’ll be the first to say ‘it is a bit grandma-looking’. It’s got plenty of room for all the necessities (and all the excess c**p I put in there) and has a small zipped pocket inside. There’s a handle on top and an adjustable shoulder strap, it also has sort of worn-brass coloured fittings.

Okay so confession time… I am completely, utterly, entirely obsessed with anything remotely floral (at the time of writing this post I am wearing a floral dress, point proven). Cath Kidston in my view is aesthetic heaven! There I’ve said it, some people like stripes or all black, for me it’ll always be floral. I guess it’s the 80-something in me coming out.

Anyway…bit of a tangent there.

(I apologise for the photo quality, the sun was setting)

The other bits in this post are:

Jo Malone cologne (ooh what a tongue-twister) in English Pear and Freesia- I got this in a set of miniatures for my birthday but this one stands out for me. First time I wore it was on a night out, my friend’s mum was dropping us off in town and you know when someone says ‘ooh someone smells nice’ and you’re secretly hoping it’s you? It was one of those moments and guess what? The nice smell was me! Shut up no way! *sarcastic excited giggle* Following on from the floral theme, the scent is very floral and fresh whilst being slightly sweet and has a mature feel to it.

MAC Blue Brown pigment- Do you want to feel like a peacock/mermaid? If the answer to that was yes then you need to get your hands on this! I’m not exaggerating when I say, I could not love a human baby more than I love this pigment (name that film reference!) There are swatches and a review on my last post here.

MAC Russian Red lipstick- I wore this again recently and was reminded of why I fell in love with it, when you’re pasty like me darker lipsticks can sometimes look a bit overpowering but I feel this lipstick manages to be striking and beautiful with being the complete focus of your face. It’s slightly darker than a ‘true red’ and has a somewhat vintage tone to it, but it would probably suit all skin tones. Here’s another post that mentions this lipstick.

Benefit They’re Real- I tried this a couple of years ago and thought it was a much-of-a-muchness mascara, but I got another tube recently and it’s completely changed my mind. Normally in a mascara I look for something that volumizes, this doesn’t do that but instead it lengthens and separates to give a soft ‘pretty’ look, which to be honest I’m happy with. As long as it’s a mascara that actually does something as oppose to just making your lashes black…

So there you have it!

Lots of love,

Liv x

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