Lush Make Up Review

Okay so this week I thought about doing some Halloween inspiration/looks but then I remembered I am actually pretty rubbish with face paint unless it’s a deer/reindeer, that’s the one thing I seem to have mastered?! Anyway I haven’t seen many reviews for Lush’s makeup and as a proud veggie I thought it’s only right to give it a try.

Firstly, these products aren’t cheap by drugstore/high street standards, both were £14.50 but if you care that much about using more natural cruelty free products then you’ll pay that. It’s more than what I’d usually pay but handing nearly £30 over to a company who shares my beliefs and genuinely cares about animals and the environment makes me think it’s worth it. I chose colours that I thought could be used on different areas of the face and Lush themselves even suggest using them as multi-use products. So I got ‘Perspective’ which is a pink/rose toned lipstick and ‘Happiness’ which is a yellow-y gold cream eye shadow.


I think the bottles are quite cute, you expect the top to be a bit like a squeeze-y pipette but it is actually solid. I kinda like this style, it feels sort of ‘experimental’ and a bit like how you’d find chemicals in a lab but you know it’s all good stuff inside.

As you can see from the swatches, the pigmentation is so good especially the eye shadow. I tried out the lipstick on my lips first and to be honest I wasn’t that impressed, for some reason I was expecting a matte finish but its more of a metallic slightly glossier than satin finish (not keen). So I tried it as a blush, it was hard to blend in but gave a nice colour to my cheeks. The eye shadow I used on my cheekbones as a warm-toned highlight and on my lids blended out with a slight orange-y toned shadow in the crease. I was quite impressed with the eye shadow; it dried quickly and at the end of the day it had only creased slightly but it was barely noticeable.

(Just wearing lip gloss in this picture with the Lush products on my cheeks and lids)img_2670fullsizerender-93

The products were quite nice and I’d maybe buy more as a treat but I think I’ll be on the look out for some slightly more student friendly options in the future.

Lots of love

Liv x


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