My Eye Shadow Palette Collection

Hey guys, this week I thought I’d show you my eye shadow palettes (not including quads), I don’t have many compared to other people in the blogging world but I definitely have a problem when it comes to buying them for the sake of it. I don’t know what it is but I find eye shadow palettes irresistible, I think its the magpie in me coming out when I see all the pretty colours.

Okay so let’s crack on!


First up is the Urban Decay Naked palette, I will of had this a year in January and I’m still very much in love with it. If you’re gonna invest in a palette for all occasions I would recommend this one as it has the perfect range of neutrals and darker shades for creating a smokey look. My favourite combination is Sidecar all over the lid, Buck in the crease and Virgin as an inner corner and browbone highlight. See my previous posts on this palette The Naked 1 palette and Naked Palette Looks/Inspiration.


Next is the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette, I think it’s a great option for those with blue eyes as the rosey gold tones really make blue eyes pop. My favourite shades are Dust, Buzz and Trick because I love glittery eye shadows. Here’s (Feel Unique Haul) a post a did on this palette.


I got this palette for my birthday in August, it’s the first Soap & Glory shadows I’ve ever used and I’m quite impressed, the pigmentation is amazing, they’re easy to blend and there is no fallout. My favourite shades are Aubersheen and Sunset. This palette is mentioned in my Lush Make Up Review.


I picked up this MUA palette when I visited Durham last year around Easter time, I was attracted to the purple shadow in this palette, I think the rest are much-of-a-muchness apart from the gold shadow in the top corner. However they’re all very pigmented but there is quite a lot of fallout.


I created this palette the first time I went to KIKO in Leeds when it first opened so I’ve had it quite a while. But as you can see it hasn’t had much use, I love the colours and should use it more often but It’s one of those palettes I just forget about and the orange shade in the middle can be especially hard to work with. I’ll definitely be making a conscious effort to use this more especially the pearly highlight shade with is beautiful.

FullSizeRender (94).jpg

And last but not least is my most recent purchase from a couple of weeks ago when Seventeen were running a deal and I had to pick up some concealer anyway so I got this too and it worked out as only being £3 or £4 (bargain!). This palette is called Birthday Suit and has a lovely range of neutrals and 4 cream shadow bases. I love how most of the shades are shimmery and the pink tones make them very wearable on pale skin like mine. Again the pigmentation is great and there doesn’t seem to be any fallout, my only criticism is the brush, it doesn’t seem to pick up much product but I tend not to use brushes that come included anyway, they’re usually a bit naff.

And that folks is the lot!

Lots of love

Liv x

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