What have I learnt since starting uni?

Bit of a different one this week guys, I thought I’d go for something a bit more lifestyle-y. It’s sort of gonna be in the style of an open letter to myself when I was 17 and had just found out that I’d got into uni. Hopefully whether you know me in real life or not you can relate to some of these things or just have a laugh at how awkward my life actually is!

Hey Olivia,

It’s me, 19-year-old Olivia from the future, spooky I know right? But anyway congrats on getting into uni! (Good job you didn’t end up at Lincoln, phew!) (Not that there’s anything wrong with it but Trent was definitely a better choice.) So believe or not you’ve made it into your second year here and time has flown! So I thought I’d take this opportunity to tell you a few things I’ve learnt over the past year and a bit, I won’t ruin everything for you just think of it as a bit of a heads up…

  1. Not all of your friends from 6th form will stay in touch, they’ll stop responding to your messages which is sad but I guess they want a fresh start, just try not to take it too personally.
  2. The friends that do you stay in touch with might not message you as often but I guess you both accept that you have different lives now and you’ve both changed in some way but it’s still cool, you’ll talk occasionally and meet up during the holidays.
  3. Uni will change you a lot, you’ll become more out-going and confident, you still have a long way to go but you’re definitely on the right path. (I mean you can walk through the centre of Notts in any form of fancy dress at rush hour on a weekday and not be phased but you won’t answer a question in a seminar, swings and roundabouts I guess?)
  4. Somehow people at uni find you more attractive than anyone did at school (I know I’m still as shocked and baffled as you!)
  5. You’ll become one of those people who cries every time one of their friends does be it drunk or sober. Which is annoying but it shows how much their happiness means to you.
  6. Don’t get tinder, I’ll let you work that out for yourself but let’s just say 90% of people on there are just looking for one thing no matter how they phrase their bio.
  7. A lot of things will upset you in this time but you’re stronger than you think you are and you will come out the other side despite what you may think at the time.
  8. You bruise like a soft fruit and you seem to fall over on every night out no matter how drunk you are/what shoes you are wearing.
  9. You’ll become obsessed with this really cheesy club called Ocean. But you’ll have a lot of fond memories of nights out there (if you can remember them that is!)
  10. Don’t snog that guy on your course and make things really awkward for the rest of uni and then not learn from this and do it again.
  11. Don’t let yourself get angry on a night out!
  12. Never make your own Pina Colada unless you want to throw it up on your mate’s staircase.
  13. You’re gonna join archery even though you haven’t done it since the age of 10 but you’re gonna meet some really great people who you couldn’t imagine uni without.
  14. Confidence is the key to everything in this life.
  15. Maslow was wrong, the only thing that motivates most students aged 18-22 is: food, sex and money.
  16. You’ll still be just as awkward as you were at school, I don’t think that will ever change sadly.
  17. You’ll realize that friends are probably the most important thing in your life. And that true friends are the people who will listen to you go on and on about some guy who’s really not worth it but will be their for you when he breaks your heart.
  18. But you’ll spend a lot of time thinking about how your parents are getting older and worrying what’ll happen to them and how life will be when they’re not around.
  19. You’ll go back home and feel exactly how you did when you were about 12 and it’ll make you realise that moving to Nottingham was the best decision you ever made.
  20. You’ll develop a love for fancy dress.
  21. You’ll consider going full vegan on a daily basis.
  22. Freshers week is overrated.
  23. Some days you’ll feel like the loneliest person in the world but most people are only a text or a call away.
  24. Mum will worry about you all the time but there’s not much you can do about that. Just make sure you stay in contact and let her know what’s going on.
  25. Getting a placement is really hard unless you got a First in year one and have done about a bazillion years of work experience.
  26. Don’t spend all your time watching Come Dine With Me/Dinner Date/Take Me Out/Jeremy Kyle/etc..
  27. You’ll start a blog in first year and over the summer you’ll write a post telling everyone about your hair, essentially baring your soul on the internet but everyone will be really supportive and you’ll receive messages from people you didn’t even know cared. They’ll tell you how you’re brave and beautiful and each message will break your heart.
  28. You’ll catch up with someone you haven’t seen in years and it’ll be weird to see how they’ve changed but it’ll be like you guys never stopped talking.
  29. For some reason people will come to you for relationship advice, just try your best with that I guess!
  30. Some of your closest friends are people you don’t even know exist yet but they’re the kind of people who you’ll want to stay friends with for the rest of your life. You’ll have weird in-jokes about fudge, slapping people and Aldi/ Argos catalog models.
  31. You’ll see a lot of bands perform and this will bring you closer to your sister.
  32. You’ll have a near-death experience at Leeds Fest and have a new appreciation for toilets with a roof on them.
  33. Don’t hand out second chances to everyone, some people just aren’t worth it.
  34. Accept that you always do something stupid on a night out.
  35.  You’ll become better at judging people but that doesn’t mean you’re any closer to knowing what makes them tick or why they behave in a certain way.
  36. The group chat will essentially become your life story.
  37. You’ll consider dropping out and then the next day completely change you mind.
  38. Food shopping will be fun at first but then it just becomes a chore.
  39. You’ll realise just how clumsy you are after wearing heels to the aforementioned Ocean, damage your toenail and get it infected, take antibiotics, knock it again and spend the rest of the year hoping it doesn’t fall off only to eventually cut it off.
  40. You’ll find out that the emotional come-down during a hangover is worse than the actual hangover itself.
  41. Your love for cheese will continue to flourish.
  42. One of your mates from home will make a list of all the supposedly ‘funny’ things you’ve said. (Without blowing my own trumpet there are some absolute crackers on there.)
  43. With the support of your friends you’ll take the first step towards doing something really brave and then afterwards constantly flip between denial and acceptance.
  44. People will continue to surprise you or let you down all the time and you’ll discover that any kind of relationship with a person be it a family member, a friendship or an intimate relationship is always going to have its ups and downs.
  45. You’re still obsessed with the colour blue.
  46. You’ll join a gym.
  47. The prospect of being alone will scare you and you’ll hate the fact that everyone around you is getting older, you’ll lose some good people this year but it’ll motivate you to be a good person and make a change in this world no matter how big or small.
  48. You’ll make a lot of mistakes but they’ve put you where you are now and you’re in a good place. You’ll have regrets but you accept they needed to happen in order for you too grow.
  49. Things will happen that will make it hard for you to trust people again but with time you’ll learn that there are good people in the world you’re just not always that good at spotting them.
  50. You’ll write a blog post detailing some of the things that have happened since A-level results day and it’ll be a rollercoaster of highs and lows. You’ll reveal too much of your life on the internet but you’ll write something honest and pure as you’ve learnt people appreciate something they can relate to and can’t be deemed superficial. You’ll continue to write about your favourite lipsticks and what eye shadow you’ve been wearing but occasionally you’ll offer something truly meaningful as a way of reminding people that honesty and deep conversations are severely underrated.

Lots of love

Liv x


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