My Christmas Day/Festive Party Look

Good morning/afternoon/evening to you lovely people!

I’m back home for the holidays so I thought I’d do a festive dressy look which I’m probably gonna wear on Christmas Day as I like to dress fancy for the occasion.

The sad thing about being home for the holidays though is that I can’t bring my whole makeup collection with me, so I’m confined to the contents of a makeup bag. It’s a struggle I know but thankfully I managed to squeeze my Naked Palette into my suitcase, so all is not lost!

So this is the look, sorry about all the selfies I was trying to get some decent lighting to show off the amazing highlighter!!

Here are the products I used:


Here’s a close up of the eyes, for some reason the left looks bigger but maybe that’s just me? Haha.


And here’s the dress I’m wearing, I think I got it in the summer from H and M. (When you have to take a rubbish mirror selfie because there’s no one around to help you *monkey covering its face emoji* haha.)

Lots of Love

Liv x

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