Hungover Makeup

Hello my little mince pies!

Following on from last week I thought I’d write a post on something that generally happens on Boxing day or the day after a Christmas party.

I thought I’d do a look for when you’ve maybe a had a few too many drinks during the Christmas period and you’ve either got work the next day or you want to look vaguely presentable in front of any family that may be visiting. 4

I tried to use as fewer products as possible as let’s face it you’ve probably slept in and haven’t got much time to get ready before you need to be ready!

So let’s crack on, stick your hair up in a bun and slap on some moisturiser. This is very important as your skin will be dehydrated from the night before, you should do this anyway as it helps to give the makeup something to cling to. I also applied the Fresh Sugar Rose lip balm to rehydrate my lips, no point bothering with a lipstick plus you’re probably going to be drinking a lot of water so you don’t want to risk smudging a lipstick everywhere.

I didn’t bother with a primer as it’s just an extra step in the process, so straight on with foundation, I applied the Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 Hour foundation with a damp makeup sponge.

Then I applied Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer under my eyes to hide tired circles and try may me look a little more alive! I didn’t put any concealer on my blemishes as foundation covered most of them and it saved me a bit of time.

I then lightly dusted Avon Magix loose powder on my forehead, nose and chin. Next I used the blusher and highlight from the Sleek Face Form palette in Fair, I didn’t use the bronzer to save time but I thought I should a little colour and dimension to my face. Plus I can’t resist the highlighter in this palette (you can probably tell from the massive dent in the photo!)

Now onto brows, I don’t feel like myself without them, I used one of my favourite products Soap&Glory Archery Brow Putty in Brownie Points followed by Maybelline Brow Drama in Dark Brown to set my brows.

For eyes I just used Benefit They’re Real! Push-Up Liner, to draw a line and create a flick but if you’re not confident doing a flick just line the eye as usual and that will be enough to define the eyes without having to make too much effort. To finish I used a few coats of Benefit Rollerlash on my top lashes and left it at that.

And that’s how you make it look like you have your life together even though you probably just want to crawl back into bed and watch Disney films.

Oh and because ’tis the season, add a Christmas jumper for good measure. Hope you have a very merry Christmas and I’ll see you next week for the last post of the year!

Lots of love

Liv x

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