10 Reasons why it’s okay to be single

Hello my lovely singletons (or perhaps you still reading this while in a relationship and are just curious?)

Also, I do apologise for the spelling mistake in the meme, my friend made it in a rush! (That is my cross stitching though; I think a new hobby is on the horizon?)

I’ve spent most of my life up until now (and even then my mind changes constantly) thinking that I need to be in a relationship to be happy. Oh, how I’ve been so wrong!

Take it from me, I’ve kissed a fair amount of frogs.

Prepare yourself for another list, haha!

  1. All my money is my own, I don’t have to spend it on go visiting someone or paying for dates. I can spend it on whatever I choose.
  2. I can talk to/flirt with anyone and I don’t have to think about someone else’s feelings. I also don’t have the paranoia that someone might cheat on me.
  3. I don’t have to deal with someone else’s problems or worries. Trust me, my own problems already take up a lot of headspace!
  4. I don’t have to deal with the emotional abuse that can sometimes come with a toxic relationship. Trust me I’ve been there, I’d rather be single than with someone who makes me so unhappy. Also just being with someone who doesn’t appreciate you can be quite damaging, I don’t feel like I’m being taken for granted.
  5. My time is my own, I don’t have to spend weekends visiting someone or time thinking ‘we haven’t seen each other much this week, are we growing apart?’
  6. My time isn’t spent missing a ‘significant other’ when we’re apart.
  7. There’s not someone commenting on what I wear or how much I eat or how much time I spend with my friends.
  8. A whole bed to myself, need I say any more?
  9. Little things like my room can be an absolute tip if I want it to be, because I don’t have to think oh ‘such and such’ is coming over this weekend.
  10. There’s no one other than my friends or family that could cause me real pain.

And that’s why I actually quite like being single, I would like a relationship eventually but there are things about myself I want to work on and quite frankly I just don’t need anyone. I mean there’s times when something will happen to me and it would be nice to have that person that I could text and just be like ‘OMG you’ll never guess what just happened!’ But I’ll always have my friends for stuff like that so I’m happy.

One day someone will come along who I know will be worth it, but until then I’m pretty good.

Lots of love

Liv x


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