My Alternative Valentines Day

Hello my lovebirds!

I thought I’d tell you about my cute Valentine’s date with my friend. Being so very single and my friend being alone on Valentines Day (because her boyfriend graduated from our uni last year) I thought it would be nice to spend the evening together and do something nice.

(This is what I wore on the day, it’s actually a pj top from Primark but I love the Alice in Wonderland print and thought I’d wear it out anyway!)

So first we went to this place in Nottingham called Spanky Van Dykes (or Spanky’s), it’s a kind of pub/eatery that does really nice burgers and it has a kind of music theme with records all over the walls. They also sometimes host small gigs. Oh, a little quirk is that they play Harry Potter audiobooks in the toilets, it was a little bit disturbing when I first walked in but quite a cute idea! They do two burgers for the price of one on a Tuesday so my friend and I went for that and some sweet potato fries (mmm, the best fries I have ever tasted btw) being veggie I had the ‘New Age Hippy’ burger made from quinoa with houmous on top, delicious!



After that we went to Rescue Rooms, a bar near uni, for a cocktail. They were having a special Valentines themed night with flirty named cocktails, rose petals on the tables and Nottinghill (my favourite film, ooh-er 90’s Hugh Grant 😉 )playing in the background.


We both had ‘The Lady Killer’, it tasted a bit like Sex on the Beach.


After that we went to play bingo, as soon as we walked in all eyes were on us. I think my friend and I brought the average age down dramatically, haha! But it was good fun and a little bit addictive, I’ll definitely be going again. Annoyingly though I just missed out on winning £2,500, I was absolutely gutted!!

They also gave us a free box of chocolates because it was Valentines Day, which was very sweet of them. All the people there were very friendly and helpful and I can’t wait to go again. 🙂

Overall I had a lovely night and it just shows you don’t have to have a date on Valentines Day to have a good time. Thank you to my friend Jemma for a lovely evening!

Lots of Love

Liv x

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