Like Mo Farah But With Curves

N.B. I’m nowhere near as good as Mo Farah! Hahah

Good afternoon my lovelies, I hope you’re having a wonderful day!

I never thought I’d be writing a post like this being the baby potato that I am, but… I’ve got into running! How the hell did that happen I hear you ask?

Well at the beginning of this year I signed up to run a 10K at the end of May because I was fed up of feeling rubbish about myself, since then I now run at the gym a few times a week. I’ve only started taking it seriously in the past few weeks as I had exams at the end of January and didn’t go to the gym for a week and a half, big mistake! I went from being able to run 4K without slowing down to struggling to get to 2K.

I know I’m still a long way off running 10K but at the gym today I managed 5K for the first time without slowing down so I’m definitely getting better at it.

It’s still kinda strange to say I’m into running because at school I was always last to be picked for a team, I hated PE and if a ball came near me I’d shut my eyes, haha! I mean I did swimming for a bit, which was then replaced with horse riding, which was then replaced by kayaking for a short time (it was too far to travel multiple times a week) and that has kinda been replaced by archery (when I actually decide to turn up). Archery’s not really a very active sport though, don’t get me wrong it’s for sure a chest and arm workout but that’s about it.

So I thought since I’ve been running for a bit I’d give you some hints/tips if you’re wanting to get into it:

  1. You are going to get very sweaty, accept this early on otherwise you won’t get better. On a similar note just don’t bother going to the gym with makeup on, it’s not worth it, it’ll wear off and you’ll end up looking like a sweaty panda! Running has definitely improved my confidence when it comes to going bare-faced, I don’t really care who sees me with no makeup on now.
  2. Find a comfortable pace to run at, it might feel strange and a bit stupid at first but it means you’ll be able to run for longer, you’ll thank me later.
  3. Get yourself some snazzy gym gear and comfortable trainers, you’ll want to work out more often if you have nice things to wear.
  4. Nobody cares if you go purple when you’re running ( this happens to me thanks to the excessive blood vessels in my face, not) if anything they’re probably jealous of your level of commitment. Oh and if you’re still purple after running and people stare at you, stare back! Damn judge-y b*tches!
  5. Dripping in sweat is worth it for the endorphin rush after, trust me! You’ll feel fabulous.
  6. Set yourself mini targets and push yourself, like ‘this week I want to get to however many kilometres without stopping’.
  7. Drink lots of water and take a towel with you!
  8. Make a playlist of music to fit your pace of running. I recommend anything Jamie T, Alt-J or The Vaccines, Dancing in the Moonlight by Toploader, Riptide by Vance Joy and Genghis Kahn by Miike Snow. They’re just a few of my favourite running tunes.

And that’s about it!

Happy running!


Lots of love

Liv x

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