Green Lipstick?!

Alright my little green gremlins!

I thought I’d bring you a new discovery of mine, I’ve tried blue lipstick, I love purple lipsticks (Seventeen Mega Matte Lipstick and Illamasqua Lava Lips Marbled Lipstick) but this is the first time I’ve tried GREEN lipstick… and I love it!! Yeah I look like a witch or that my lips are mouldy but I freaking loooove it!

This particular lipstick is from Kiko and is a Velvet Passion Matte Lipstick in the shade 322.

I wouldn’t say this lipstick is matte, more satin really. It does have a tendency to move around a little and if you eat while wearing it, I guarantee it will vanish! Which I guess is what you’d expect, I think my expectations of lipsticks have gotten too high since wearing liquid lipsticks. However I do love the packaging, it’s got a magnet which makes taking the lid on and off oh so satisfying (if you’re a make-up fiend you’ll know what I mean, haha), it also has a very light sweet scent like vanilla cupcakes.

I really like this lipstick for now but I’ve got my eye on a dark green MAC lipstick in the shade Deep with Envy, I can trust MAC to deliver when it comes to great matte.

Have you been a bit more daring with your makeup recently? What colours have you been using?

Lots of love

Liv x

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