What I Eat In A Day: Weekend Edition

Afternoon my little Peanut Butter and Jam (jelly if you’re American) sandwiches!

I was talking to one of my friends a few weeks ago and she said I should do something to do with what I eat on a veggie diet. I also want to mention that I don’t eat eggs or drink cows milk, I would love to be vegan but cheese is my kryptonite…

Anyway, hopefully this may help you if you’re thinking of going veggie or dispel any myths that vegetarians just live off kale and cardboard sausages. Don’t get my wrong I love kale and quinoa but not everyday. I would also like to say that the food I eat isn’t that flavoursome or groundbreaking but I like it and think it’s tasty.

*Disclaimer* I have no nutrition qualifications, I am just a person who eats food.


For breakfast I had raspberry porridge made with soy milk and some basic rolled oats, I then put in some raspberries and stirred it all together until it thickened. I love this with a massive dollop of PB but I was running low so I just put in a teaspoon. I also had a banana too because it needed eating up. As you can see I didn’t finish my porridge as it started to make me feel a bit sick after a while.



For lunch I had some black beans with peppers and a bit of chilli powder from the freezer (black beans have to be soaked overnight and then take ages to cook so I make a few servings at a time and then freeze them) with boiled rice and broccoli. There was some cucumber on the turn so I cut it into sticks and put it on the side. Nom nom nom.


Hot choc made with cocoa powder, soy milk and a bit of sugar and then hot water. And a cheeky Granny Smith (the best type of apple, gotta be sharp and crunchy).

Tea (yes not dinner, it’s tea! I always argue with my flatmate from London about what it’s called)

Two veggie sausages with sweetcorn, peas and sweet potato wedges. I love sweet potato wedges because they feel healthier than regular potatoes and they’re one of your 5 a day and they’re super tasty. I chop them into chunks and cover them with chili powder, no oil needed!


When I was watching tv I had a green tea and another apple dipped in my favourite peanut butter, delicious!

Oh and I drank copious amounts of orange squash.

Hope you enjoyed this post, let me know if you want any more veggie-related posts. Also sorry there not being a beauty post this but I’ve got big plans for a new beauty series starting next week! Keep your eyes peeled!



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