Liv Does: The 50’s

Hello my Pink Ladies (and T-Birds if you’re reading this).

I thought I’d start a new series where (hopefully) each week I take on a different era stretching from the 1920’s to the 1990’s. I would’ve started in chronological order but it is actually really really hard to find a 1920’s dress that isn’t too expensive but at the same time doesn’t come from China and won’t take a month+ to get to you. So I thought I’d just go for a random order and kick it off with the 50’s, I’m trying to make each decade as wearable as possible, some will be more daytime looks and others more for a night out.

So here’s what I did for makeup:


Oh shoot I forgot to put my foundation in this pic, anyway if you were wondering you can find a review of it here. Then followed by Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer under the eyes and Seventeen Phwoarr Paint on any blemishes as you want a really flawless finish. I then followed this up with AVON Magix Setting Powder.

Contouring wasn’t really used in the 50’s so I just used a little on my jawline from the Sleek FaceForm Palette in Fair, along with a very very small amount of blush and the teensiest amount of highlighter, on my cheekbones, from the same palette.

For brows I used the Soap & Glory Arch De Triumph and Maybelline Brow Drama in Dark Brown as brows in the 50’s weren’t particularly strong just very well defined which is how I normally like my brows anyway.

On the eyes I used a dusting of Poppyseed from my MAC Burgundy Times Nine Palette all over the lid (middle shade on the top row).  On my upper waterline, I used just a basic Model Co. black pencil liner and then Soap & Glory Supercat felt tip liner to mark out my wings and then went over it  with Rimmel Exaggerate Waterproof Liner in 003 Black. I then finished the eyes with a few coats of Sleek Full Fat Lash Mascara in Black.


And last but not least I finished the look with a classic Hollywood red lip, my favourite red being MAC Russian Red, I overdrew my top lip slightly to make it more rounded and a little fuller looking to suit the style of the era.


This is the look done and I just stuck my hair up in a mid-ponytail, sort of Grease style.

Fake laughter darling because I’m not a photogenic model, I’m that awkward girl who doesn’t know what to do with her hands (you’ll know what I mean in the later pictures!)

I mean just look how cool and not at all awkward I am, haha!

Photo cred to my friend, you should go check out her blog.

Anyway the clothes:

Dress- A vintage fair at my uni

Cardigan- Primark years ago (love the elbow patches, very made do and mend 😉 )

Sunglasses- COW (a vintage shop in Notts but I think they have a few in the UK) (I love these sunglasses, every time I put them on I just feel fabulous! I think everyone needs an accessory that makes them feel special.)

And Classic Black Chuck Taylor Converses which weren’t as big in the 50’s, more popular in the 60’s but I wanted to make the outfit more wearable and to be fair they were actually around in the 50’s.

Anyway I hope you enjoyed this post and I look forward to doing more vintage looks in the future, I’m feeling the 70’s next, perhaps?? I’ve got an outfit in mind.



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