Mini Haul

Hello my little chickpeas I hope you’re having a lovely day and a fantastic week!

So last week I was in London and while I was there I thought I’d treat myself to some new bits, I mean I am a student so I only bought two things but I thought I’d share them with you.


So I picked up the Pixi Glow Tonic, I’ve heard really good things about this and with me having ‘problem skin’ I guess you could call it, haha, aka just spots let’s be honest! I thought I’d give it a try, I’m hoping it might reduce some of the scaring, but we shall see.


If you read my post Green Lipstick?! then you’ll know I’ve had my eye on a certain matte green lipstick from MAC called Deep with Envy. I’d just picked up the lipstick when a lady asked me if I wanted to try it on and my God it was beautiful, I mean I’d already decided I was gonna buy it but that just confirmed it.

Hopefully in the future, I’ll do a look using this lipstick which might make it a little less daunting!

But for now,


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