(The photo is of me last year just before moving back home for the summer)

Evening my busy little bees! I hope the sun is shining wherever you are.

I’m ‘back up norrrrrrrf’ for the Easter holidays so there’ll be no ‘Liv Does:’ posts for a few weeks, if you haven’t seen my first two then here they are: Liv Does: The 50’s and Liv Does: the 70’s.

I’ve only been home a day but I’ve already noticed a few things that are very different about home and uni life. I mean there’s the obvious things like:

At home you don’t have to pay for food,

you have different friend groups,

your pets are at home,

and so’s your bed!

But aside from all that stuff, I’ve noticed that being back home actually feels quite lonely, there’s just me and my mum and dad at home and most of my friends are either working or still at uni, I already miss being able to just hang out with my flatmates in the kitchen.

Also getting used to hearing birds outside at home rather than ambulance sirens is another thing I’m trying to get used to again (my parents live next to a wood so there’s always birds everywhere!)

I also miss being able to eat what I want when I want, but there is something very nice about not having to pay for it!

And I have missed my friends a lot as well as my pets and last but not least my mum and dad, we’ll see how long it is before I’ve had enough, haha!

I love my uni life but it is nice having the occasional break from all the stress and drama, well until I have to start my coursework tomorrow!


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