5 Things I’ve Learnt About Blogging

Morning my lovelies!

Sorry this is a day late, it’s probably only me that’s bothered by that, but I was super busy yesterday with family and then coming back to uni.

Anyway enough admin-y stuff, here’s a few things I’ve learnt from my past year and a bit of blogging:

  1. The most obvious being, you have to write about what you know, people might come to your blog for advice or a second opinion on something so you want to be able to provide information to the best of your knowledge.
  2. My most popular posts are always the ones where I say something quite emotional or deep (my most viewed post) but that’s actually quite hard to do twice a week plus I do still over writing about beauty
  3. Some of the best posts in terms of views can often be posts that you personally thought weren’t that good.
  4. But on the flip side, posts that you could’ve spent hours and hours on might not get that many views, don’t be disheartened though, you should still write about what interests you, maybe just change it up a bit next time.
  5. You’ll become obsessed with stats! But remember it’s not always the best blogs that have the most followers necessarily, keep working hard and doing what you’re doing, the views and followers will find you.

Hope this helps anyone who’s thinking of starting a blog!


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