Boots Haul

Hello my dears! Earlier in the week I promised a haul so here you go!

I only went in for conditioner but we both know I was never just going to walk out with one product.

So I picked up my regular Elvive Fibrology Conditioner and the Double Elixir Spray from the same range to use after washing my hair.

That’s the kind of boring stuff out the way, I also picked up a two pack of Real Techniques sponges (split it with my friend), my old sponge is on its way out so I thought I’d give the Real Techniques one a try. I probably buy the original Beauty Blender one day but I’m a student so I can’t justify spending that much on a sponge at the moment, haha.

Also from Real Techniques, I picked up their Brush Cleansing Palette, I’ve been meaning to get one for a while because I’m terrible at cleaning brushes and I thought it might speed the process up a bit!

 I spotted the NYX stand (now this is where the real damage is done) and the guy at the counter said they’d just released some new highlighters so I picked up this one called Twilight Tint, it’s a duo chromatic powder that looks white but has a cool blue sheen to it. I’m a fiend for anything glittery so I snatched it up!


I also had a look at the liquid lipsticks as I’ve been meaning to buy a lip Lingerie, so I picked up a pale nude in the shade Corset (I tried this on when I got home and realised that because I’m so pale it just kind of looks like ‘foundation lips’ so I think I can only really wear this with a very heavy eye look which is a bit annoy but hey ho).

I also got two Liquid Suede’s a blue-toned grey shade called Stone which looks beautiful, I wore it out and it didn’t budge! I have to say it does look bluer in real life but it still looks great, I’ll maybe try to use it in a makeup look in the future.

The other is a red wine sort of colour called Vintage, I haven’t properly tried it out yet but I think it might look nice in Autumn or on nights out, we shall see!

And that my friends is the lot, hope you enjoyed reading this.


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