People Are Complicated

Hello my lovelies, bit of a deep one this week so prepare yourself!

I’ve been thinking a lot recently (dangerous I know) about people and what they’re thinking, sparked by some stuff going on in my life recently and don’t judge me, but the tv series ’13 Reasons Why’ (I don’t think it’s a good representation of depression or suicide but it does highlight the fact that actions have consequences and people do need to talk about how they feel, I’ve always thought that it’s important to talk about what’s actually going on). I’ve always loved Psychology so I spend a lot of time thinking about why people behave the way they do anyway, but more so recently.

I’ve realised that you can never truly know what goes on in someone else’s head (even someone you’ve known years), what they think on a daily basis or when left alone behind closed doors. When you meet someone for the first time you have no idea what they’ve seen and how their experiences have shaped them. Even when you meet someone, the person you see isn’t necessarily the same as the one on the inside. E.g some people can act very cocky and arrogant when they might actually be deeply insecure. It’s easy to forget this.

People don’t always post how they feel on social media or tell you in a text, sometimes they don’t know the words or perhaps they fear being judged or ignored.

I’m not sure anyone can really understand what it feels like to be you, they can share similar experiences and this may give them some idea but it will never be completely the same and it depends on how much that experience shaped them. Some people may brush it off, and for others, an event may affect the rest of their life

I guess there is some security in knowing that you can think whatever you like and no one will know, but unfortunately, it can be a very lonely thought knowing that nobody will ever know the exact same feeling.

Hope this didn’t depress you too much! Just thinking out loud.

‘Love more worry less’-Bipolar Sunshine


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