Cosmetic Surgery

(Readers of a nervous disposition may wish to click off now as there are more scenes of my naked face on the internet)

Hello my lovelies!

Today I thought I’d talk about a topic in the beauty world that splits a lot of people. I think mentally it’s a very unhealthy way of dealing your insecurities, I mean granted there are exceptions such as removing a growth, breast reduction, reconstructive surgery, etc… But choosing to have surgery for purely cosmetic reasons I think is wrong, I think it’s also a slippery slope, it’s easy to get into a mindset of ‘well I’ve had that done, maybe I could make this a bit bigger or just alter that slightly too’. There’ll always be something else that can be changed or altered, it’s just human nature to want to improve things.

I think in the long term it’s better for people to accept their ‘flaws’ and appreciate that it’s part of what makes them…well…them.

People should learn to love themselves for who they are, it’s hard, but healthier…and a hell of a lot cheaper!

For a long time I didn’t like my nose, the bridge of it causes a bit of a bump when you look at it from the side. I did think about getting a nose job but I realised it’s part of me, it’s my nose and without it, it wouldn’t be my face. Also what if it didn’t turn out how I expected and I spend the rest of my life getting multiple procedures to change it?? But now, I wouldn’t change it, I think it makes my face look sharper and more distinctive. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

 There’s other things I could change too, like two of my toes bend at the joint and curve in and I have a scar next to my eye from when I had chickenpox as a kid and was stabbed with a straw (don’t even ask, hahah)! But they’re my little quirks and probably anyone reading this has stuff like that too, it’s part of what makes you an individual, and that should be celebrated!

What are your thoughts on cosmetic surgery?


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