Why you should stop buying into trends

Hello my lovelies!

So this post is actually inspired by a lecture I had a few weeks ago, on ethics in the fashion industry, and it really got me thinking.

So as you probably know…I’m a veggie, dun dun dun*insert dramatic music*

Which means I’m very passionate about the environment (as well as the welfare of animals) and the fashion industry produces a hell of a lot of waste due to the nature of mass production and trends.

You might not know this but I hate wasting things, be it: money, food, time, energy, etc.. I’ve also never really bought into trends that much, if I like it and it suits me I’ll buy it, not because Kylie Jenner’s been papped wearing something similar or sh*t like that. And if you know me, my taste is essentially anything that is: blue, vintage, floral, lace or embroidered. I’ll still be wearing flowery dresses when they’re wheeling me about in old people’s home come 2070-something or whenever my body decides to give up.

So I’m making a pledge and I think you should too.

  1. We should only buy things that actually suit us not just because it looks good on your favourite celebrity because funnily enough, they’re a different person, probably with a completely different body type and skin tone.
  2. Now this one goes against my hopes of a future career being a marketer but you should also buy fewer things that are higher quality and actually wear them. (I know I love Primark too but we both know the quality isn’t quite there and it encourages you to buy large quantities of cheap clothing.
  3. Don’t buy anything that you know for sure you will only wear once.
  4. Repair things, now I’m not talking about sock because ain’t nobody got time for that! But a ripped seam can often be fixed.
  5. Charity shop!
  6. Borrow and lend clothes, like a third of my wardrobe used to be my sister’s.
  7. Chop things up and make something else! Don’t like that T-shirt anymore? Cut the sleeves off, make it into a crop top, wash your windows with it, I don’t care just use it!

Now I’ll admit this post was also inspired by a cheeky purchase that I made yesterday, I bought my first pair of Dr Martens, some Mary Jane’s I’ve had my eye on for a while. But I can justify this purchase, as they’re a classic style that forever will be a style associated with feminity and docs are made to last for years and years, I know I will wear them to death! Be it with frilly socks or tights!

Should you think about what you buy too?


p.s I know I’m probably a bad veggie for buying leather shoes, I normally buy faux, it’s just I want them to last! Please don’t hate me for it.

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