Exam Season: 5 Minute Face

Afternoon my busy bees!

It’s yo’ girl Liv Liv back at it again with another blogpost. Given that ’tis the season of stress, exam, deadlines and to be honest all things not great! I thought I’d give you a quick tutorial for those times when you do leave the house and want to look a little more alive, even if it is to go to the library (or Tesco to stock up on naughty snacks).

So here’s how I went from ‘I woke up like ‘dis’ to I’ll admit, very slightly looking a bit like Snow White, but hey ho that’s what bronzers’ for!

Here’s everything I used


First I applied Rimmel Lasting Finish foundation in 010 Light Porcelain (with my fingers to save time, I spent about 2 minutes just blending this out). Next, I used Maybelline The Eraser Eye under my eyes and tapped it in with my fingers, followed by a dusting of AVON Magix powder all over the face using a CALA 401 Powder Brush (this was from TK MAXX many moons ago). To add a bit more colour back in I used a squeeze of Rimmel Wake Me Up liquid blush in 002 Radiant Rose, a little goes a long way with this one! Next, I ran Rimmel Brow This Way in 002 Medium Brown through my brows and used a few swipes of Benefit They’re Real mascara on my lashes. Last but not least, the bit that makes you look the most awake and put together, MAC Russian Red on the lips.

Et voila!

Oh I suggest comfy clothes too, like a t-shirt, jeans and of course a uni hoodie! Gotta stay on brand 😉 (marketing student jokes haha)

But if like me you don’t have exams at the moment and you’re deadlines are coursework based/essays then I suggest pj bottoms 24/7!


Good luck in your exams, stick with it! They’ll be over sooner than you think.


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