May Favourites

Hello my lovelies!

I apologise that this is a day late but yesterday I was finishing my coursework and I can now confirm that I have finished second year of uni, signed sealed delivered! Finito!

So I’ll admit most of May was spent in my room or in the library tapping away at my laptop trying to get my coursework in on time, and the days where I barely left my room I didn’t wear much makeup if any!

However this month I did do a few exciting things, right at the beginning I saw The Kooks and it was an amazing but very sweaty night! I visited a farm near my flat and got to look at some cute animals, I had a few nights out, including going to see my first Burlesque show that one of my friends was in, loved it! And other than working I’ve just been hanging out with my flatmates or chilling at the park near uni.

So that’s been my month, here’s what I’ve been loving!

The first thing being my battered Old Skool Vans with fishnet tights, be it the ones with massive holes or ones with much finer holes. I saw a girl wearing this combination when I went to Live at Leeds at the end of April and I thought I’d give it a try. I love the combination for nights out, don’t get me wrong I’m obsessed with heels, I just have a history of ruining my feet because of them…oops.

Another shoe favourite has been my Mary Jane Dr Martens with frilly socks. Again I love this combination paired with a flowery summery dress, I think it looks really cute and smart at the same time. It’s also an easy go-to look on the days where it’s a bit hotter outside.

This month I also bought my first bralette, this one is from Primark and was actually quite cheap, I can’t remember how much, but I love the fact that it’s lace and the colour really suits my skin tone. It gives you a little bit of support, not as much as a normal bra but honestly, it’s so comfy I forget I’m wearing one!

On the days where I have worn makeup, I’ve turned to my trusty Urban Decay Naked 1 Palette. Using Sidecar all over the lid, Naked in the crease and Buck in the outer corner. I’m still in love with MAC Mineralize Skin Finish in Soft & Gentle, it looks so natural on the skin but gives you an amazing glowy look, especially on the days where you don’t feel so glowy inside, haha!

And that’s pretty much been my month! What’ve you been up to recently?


2 thoughts on “May Favourites

  1. Yay second years finished with! I know that feeling all too well. Love your dr martens. I almost bought a pair for my one year old in tkmaxx. Ashamed of myself that I put them back. Think I can get them again?? Nope. Your may favourites are a great choice 😍👌

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