Alright my lovers!

Sorry there was no blog post yesterday, these past few days have been a bit mad. I only just moved back home yesterday. Just as a warning over the next few weeks blog posts may be a bit irregular and there might not be two a week.

So the big news is that I finally got an industrial placement/ year in industry job… and I start 3 weeks today…oh and it’s also the other end of the country! You can see why I might be a bit MIA!

I only found out on Friday, so now there’s a big rush to find somewhere to live and sort through all my things before the big move.

Honestly, I couldn’t have hoped for a better placement. I was interviewed at Estee Lauder and turned down, it broke my heart but I now realise that it was the right decision as I’m not quite ready for London life just yet. But I can tell you, my new job is still within the health and beauty industry which in itself is a dream come true and the actual role has a lot of links to my favourite module at uni which looks at more of the Psychological side of Marketing. I’ve always loved Psychology and studying people/customers behaviour, it’s one of the reasons why I chose to study Marketing.

And that’s about it folks! Right now I’m somewhere in-between really excited and super stressed, I know it’s gonna be a great year though and I can’t wait to start this new chapter in my life!

What’s new in your world?


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