An almost-very-nearly-could-be vegan/cruelty-free cake!


Today I made a cake, now it could’ve been vegan if I’d used coconut oil instead of margarine but I didn’t realise we had some in until I’d started mixing stuff so that’s the explanation for the title.


I was vaguely following this recipe for measurements and stuff but as you can see this is not the same cake but just thought I’d mention it. I just used it as more of a guide and then did my own thing.I used the same amount of butter, sugar, self-raising flour and eggs but instead of eggs, I used chia seeds.  And a smidge of vanilla extract.

1 teaspoon of chia seeds and 3 teaspoons of water = 1 egg


Bertolli contains buttermilk hence not vegan

I mix the chia seeds and water and left it to set in a cup. Creamed the margarine and sugar in a bowl, added the chia ‘eggs’ and mixed, added some vanilla. And finally folded in the flour. Greased a cake tin, poured the mixture in and placed in the oven at 160 degrees fan, I only left it for 45 minutes as cakes without eggs tend not to rise as much.

As it cooled I made an icing from 50g of margarine and 100g of icing sugar (this turned out to be way too much, I suggest halving it) I added rose water to flavour and beetroot powder to colour (regular red food colouring is made from beetles, look it up). I then applied it to the cake and added some edible pink glitter. Obviously optional but who wouldn’t want to eat glitter??

Hope you try out some egg-less baking!





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