I Started My Own Business When I was Fourteen

Alright my lovers!

So today I gave myself a haircut (I’ve been cutting my own hair for over a year, it’s a long story) and it didn’t turn out great, I can’t tell if it looks cute or super butch, but it’s pretty funny either way! I’ll work something out.

(I apologise for the low quality of some of the images, they were taken a few years ago)

Anyway, today I thought I’d bring you a bit of a story time post (one of my friends said I should write this), so the summer I turned 14 I started a soap making business, this later included bath bombs, lip balms, lip scrubs and a failed attempt at a shower jelly (very hard to perfect). Oh little trivia fact, you know the company, Lush? Well, they invented the bath bomb! Cool, eh? (I’m a bit of a Lush fangirl if you didn’t know)

So anyway, origin story time. Ever since I was a little kid my mum and I have made soaps, she’s always been into aromatherapy. I’ve always been massively into scents and mixing different scents, as a kid I’d walk around the garden touching different herbs and petals, the line ‘smell my hand’ is now infamous in my house, I’ll admit that does sound a little dodgy coming from a small child but I was never touching anything weird, I was very innocent. I also can’t leave the house without perfume on, even if I’m just going to the gym, to be honest, I think it’s more important to smell good than it is to look good.

Okay back on track! Like my mum, I’ve always gained a lot of satisfaction from making things myself, hence baking, and she’s always been keen for me to start a business. And so Utterly Bubbles was born! (Originally I wanted to call it ‘Rub A Dub Soaps’ but it was already taken.)

I used to sell products to my school friends and at craft fairs, my mum would pay for the raw materials and I would pay her back the costs associated with that individual item each time I made a sale. So yeah I guess I kind of ran on store credit but managed to turn a decent profit and had some loyal customers who would buy multiples of their favourite soaps.

I loved the creativity of the company and being able to ‘invent’ new products, I guess you could say this was one of the first things to spark my interest in the health and beauty industry and one day I’d love to start my own business again and have to opportunity to experiment with products and me my own boss. I guess I just need to develop my experience and knowledge of this industry and catch a gap in the market at just the right time.

I hope you found this interesting!


P.S I stopped working on the business so I could concentrate on my GCSE’s.


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