The Most Important Advice I Could Ever Give

Alright my lovelies!

So this post was inspired by some of my friends and I guess it’s also inspired by what 18-year-old Liv used to think. It makes me sad to see people, especially my friends, who seem like they think the opposite to what I’m about to say.

And it is…


Voila! Simple, right? Honestly getting into a relationship for the sake of it is pointless and I can almost guarantee it won’t last. Spoiler, one of you will get bored and find someone else who is better suited to them. The other person will then probably be left feeling pretty hurt. Just save yourself the bother and wait for somebody who is actually your type to come along, trust me it’s worth it.

Fill your time with things that make you a better person, take up a new hobby, volunteer, spend more time creating memories with your friends or start a blog 😉

Just generally spend time developing yourself and getting to know what you want from life, experiment with different things if you want while you have a little more freedom! Just live your life to the fullest and the right person will notice how dedicated and interesting you are.

To be honest looking at some of my friends’ relationships and hearing about the drama that goes on, I’d rather just have a much easier life where I only have to deal with my own life dramas and not somebody who relies on me to be their shoulder to cry on. One day I’ll want that but right now I’d rather focus on my career (I know that’s the cliche thing that people say but I just don’t think I’d have time for a relationship as I also have quite a few hobbies and hobbies don’t cause you drama, haha!). N.B That wasn’t a dig at any of my friends by the way, as far as I know, they’re all in happy relationships it’s just everyone has ups and downs, what I mean is I can’t be faffed with the downs.

So what new thing are you going to throw yourself into? I’m personally going to get back into running as I haven’t done much in a while and I want to develop my fitness, I also want to get back into cross-stitching again because I haven’t done any in a while and want to find a project that I can really get stuck into.

As always,



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