Story Time: I Almost Died (Not Clickbait)

Alright my lovelies!

Your favourite hobbit here, once again reporting for duty.

So as it’s nearly coming up to a year I thought I’d tell you a little story. Now if you’ve read the title which I presume you must’ve otherwise you wouldn’t have clicked this post. Then you’re probably expecting me to say something along the lines of ‘I now live everyday like it’s my last and I have no regrets’. Well that’d be a lie, in fact most days I forget that I could’ve died and to be honest some of you reading probably also have near-death experiences. I’m obviously very thankful that I didn’t die, I mean I think it might upset my parents a little bit, it might even ruin their day… haha (sorry, dark sense of humour).

So anyway I’ll set the scene, it was Saturday night of Leeds Fest 2016, Foals were playing that night and the rain was pouring, I was freezing but honestly in that moment with a continuous spray of rain soaking me through while listening to Spanish Sahara I was so content, besotted in fact. One of those moments were everything peaceful and calm and it’s moments like that, that remind you what it’s like to be alive. (Sorry I’m getting deep over music, but honestly live music with a big crowd, specifically a heartfelt song with everyone singing along and feeling the vibrations in your chest, its just magical, to be in that moment with thousands of strangers, I can’t explain it. You either know what I mean or you don’t).

I can’t remember who was playing after Foals but I was tired and freezing so we went back to the tent (side note, the coldest I have ever felt, genuinely thought I may die from pneumonia). But anyway we got back to the tent, my friend decided to go meet some people she’d met at the festival and I just thought I’d try get some sleep to try and warm up.

Hours passed, and I was woken up at about 3.30am by some strangers shouting at the tent. A bit disorientated and still drunk I zipped open the tent only to be told that a first aid (ironically) vehicle (it was like a Jeep) had just driven over the tent as it had slipped in the mud (I mentioned earlier that it had rained a lot). This had all happened inches from my head, in fact when I got back inside the tent I could feel the build of mud and tire tracks no more than two inches away from where I had been sleeping. As you can imagine I was pretty shaken up and began crying hysterically. My friend had left her phone in the tent and I tried to text the only other person I knew at the festival but his phone had died. I spent the next couple of hours sitting at the other side of the tent crying in my sleeping bag waiting for my friend to come back.

So yeah, probably not the best I’ve ever felt…haha (again dark sense of humour).



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