Help Me, I’ve Caught The Stitching Bug…

Alright alright alright (you better have said that like Matthew McConaughey or there’ll be trouble!)

Anyway haha, how are you? Are you good? Have you had plenty of water today? Have you told your mum you love her? Are you actually still in your PJ’s? (Spoiler- I’m writing this from my bed, woke up like an hour ago but I have opened the blinds so that’s something!)

Enough house keeping let’s get onto the juicy stuff and by that I mean craaaaaaaaaaaaaafting!!

So yesterday I decided to get back into stitching, I popped down to Primark and picked up some basic T-shirts, £3 a pop, I got two stripey and one black. It wasn’t until I got home I realised I’d had a bit of a ditsy moment, so the transfers that I use come out as black and funnily enough black on a black top then becomes invisible…well done Liv, not. I was just thinking about what would look good as a final result.

Anyway so the initials and bird on the stripey tops are what I did yesterday, the mermaid, bottle and flower are some random bits I did a few months ago. (The bird is mean to be a crane but cranes are like white/grey which would look a bit boring so I did it in light pink, it looks more like a flamingo now but that’s still cool, it’s kinda hard to see on the stripes but I wanted something cute and subtle anyway.)

The mermaid, crane and initials are all from this book (see below) along with many other cool transfers that I’m looking forward to using in the future! 🙂


The bottle and flower are from a magazine I used to subscribe to (not anymore because I moved and wasn’t able to change the address, for some reason I didn’t have an account on their website even though I ordered it online and then I rang up to explain and the guy didn’t really know what I was saying…phew, bit of a palava!)


And yeah, so now I just want to embroider everything! I recommend it for anyone though, cross stitching or embroidery, it’s really calming to work on little projects and have an end result quite quickly, it can also be pretty cheap to start off with. Thread (or floss (which is the individual fine strands when you buy thread) as the crafters call it can be super cheap to buy, plus you don’t need loads of colours to start off with. Obviously, you need a needle, something with a fairly blunt end, and then I recommend getting some Aida the (usually white) fabric with little square holes in it, this is probably the most expensive part. Even then we are only talking a few quid.

Let me know if you’re into stitching too, or any crafts for that matter I love making things 🙂

As always,



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