Fitbit Charge 2 AKA My Baby

Howdy my lovebirds!

I’m gonna cut to the chase with this one, I’m chubbs, not ‘curvy’, I’m not Nigella Lawson and I’m not some woman in her early 40’s from an M and S advert wearing some nude Spanx so she can wear a tight fitting dress to have a fancy dinner for her 20th wedding anniversary or have prosecco cocktails with ‘the girls’… Phew. I’m a slightly overweight 19-year-old who is a firm believer that the secret to eternal youth can be found at the bottom of a large pot of Dominoes Garlic and Herb Dip and that the meaning of life can be found in the bakery aisle of your local Morrison’s.

I’ve always been chubbs, I mean look at those arm rolls! Michelin Man eat your heart out!

I’ve been running recently (did a cheeky 10k a few months ago, stopped running for like a month after that and then started again when I moved), every day in fact, well not today, it’s absolutely p*ssing it down, so I’m writing about running instead, haha. Up until a few days ago, I was using a running app and on a separate app I was tracking my calories. It was a bit of a faff and I’m a lazy girl at heart so I wanted a simple answer to losing weight and getting ‘lean’ drumroll please… enter the Fitbit Charge 2! (I know right it’s what every normal 19-year-old wishes to spend their first proper paycheck on, jokes).

Now to some this will be a glorified watch, and that’s essentially what it is, however, if glorified means it tracks your steps, water intake, calorie intake, heart rate and sleep patterns then yeah I guess it’s pretty glorified. But seriously I love it, it helps me stay on track with my eating and it helps you to see the consequences of your calorie intake rather than just continually putting more food into that hole in your face. I’ll admit I’ve become a bit obsessive with it, but it’s actually really motivating and makes losing weight much simpler, it allows you to monitor your diet and exercise rather than just guessing at figures. And boy do I love facts and figures, I want the statistics, and I want someone to tell me exactly what I can eat and how much exercise I need to do. This little ‘glorified’ watch is perfect for that.

How do you keep track of your diet, let me know?


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