My Holy Grail Mascara

In the unlikely event you’ve been wondering what my all-time favourite mascara is then look no futher!


This is me trying to look quizzical when really I look like I’m punching myself in the face and trying to show off my fitbit at the same time, haha.


Dragging it out a little further…

Ta da! It’s the Maybelline Lash Sensational!!!


Now this is slightly on the pricey end for a drugstore mascara but I think you can see it’s well worth £9. And actually pretty reasonable when you compare it to some high-end mascaras that really don’t perform as well as this.

For me, this is a does it all kinda mascara, you’ve got lift, curl, lengthening, long-lasting, separation, you name it, this bad-boy has got it! That curved wand can work miracles!

Just a quickie this time as I’ve been super busy. What have you been up to recently? And what’s your holy grail product?



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