My Most Viewed Posts

Now I’ll be the first to admit that this is a bit of a cop out post but I thought it might be interesting for you guys to find out what other people have been reading. So here’s my top 5 viewed posts of all time (well the last 18 months or so since I started this bad boy of a blog):

Coming in at number 5 is: HIRE ME


A God-awful picture of me in the paper from my last year of 6th form.


That time I got really desperate for a placement and essentially put my CV on the internet, you guys seemed to thing it was a good read.

Number 4: The Power of Make Up

That time I put half my naked face on the internet to show you the difference makeup can make featuring wet hair that just looks pretty greasy (very classy Olivia, very classy).

At number 3 it’s: My nudes are on the internet!?


That time things got a little scandalous on Themattelip 😉

Runner-up was: I’m losing my hair…


When I opened up about what it’s really like to live with alopecia as a teenager growing up. A topic I won’t really talk about in person as I’m still likely to get upset but something I’ll talk about freely on the internet. Any questions welcome 🙂

Drumroll, please…

The top most viewed post is…

Confidence Is A Funny Thing

BeFunky Collage final

Which perhaps if you knew me growing up was quite a controversial one to read, haha. What can I say, when you spend years being a wallflower, you start to make a few more observations than most people do.

I hope you maybe found something to read for 5 minutes or so and hopefully when I do something like this again there may be a few different posts to share.


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