20 Things For 20 Years

Hey there! So today I turned twenty and I thought I’d share with you 20 things you might not know about me. (What I got for my birthday coming soon.) I’ve had a lovely day just chilling and having afternoon tea with my mum. And now I’m writing this while on the train back to Kent. (So if it looks a little different it’s because I’m writing this on my phone) 🙂


-I used to flat water kayak and I’m actually pretty decent at it, it’s just the capsizing that frightens me.

-My celebrity crush is a combination of 90’s Hugh Grant and Yannis from Foals

-I love documentaries about what it’s like inside different companies.

-I have a scar on my face from where I was stabbed with a drinking straw.

-I’ve lived in the North of England, the midlands and the South.

-I’m ridiculously easy to scare.

-I’m obsessed with Lego.

-I’ve performed on stage at the West Yorkshire playhouse and Leeds town hall.

-I have 8 piercings.

-I’m one of those people that cries if someone else is crying.

-I’m obsessed with the colour blue.

-I’ve fallen off a horse 3 times.

-My favourite food is burritos.

-My dream job would be to work for Lush.

-I’m embarrassingly clumsy for someone who’s only 5’1.

-I still struggle to tell the time.

-I’m learning to speak French.

-I was named after Olivia Newton-John and almost called Lydia.

-I’m a cynical hopeless romantic.

-I’m fascinated by psychology and human behaviour.

Hope this was an entertaining read!

lots of love

Liv x



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