What I Got For My 20th Birthday!

Alright, my lovelies!

*Cheeky disclaimer* I’m a very lucky lady, I received what I think is lots of stuff of which I am very thankful for. I know there will be people out there who might not receive anything for their birthday and I know there are people out there who are lucky enough to receive lots more than me. I am super thankful to anyone who gave me a present, a card, wish me happy birthday on Facebook, over private message, on my blog or at work the next day. You made me feel incredibly loved and that is something I value far more than any material goods. But don’t get me wrong I still love ‘stuff’, I’m an eye shadow addict after all. Anyway, I just wanted to show my appreciation for any act of kindness that was shown to me over the past few days.

So on to what I got! I also received quite a lot of money too, which no doubt will be spent on band tees, more Vans, a pair of Docs I’ve had my eye on for a while and more makeup!!


Now as you may notice there are two rather large LEGO boxes here, and that’s because I’m actually a bit of geek… I watch all the Lego documentaries and I am also watching the Lego TV series that’s just started (it’s a bit like Bake Off but with Lego). I originally asked my mum for the birds (which were featured on one of the documentaries, but later changed my mind and asked for the Mini. Little did I know that my mum is a super keen bean and had already bought the birds without me knowing. So that made a lovely surprise! I had to order the Mini to my house in Kent as it was just logistically easier, so I already started building that before my birthday (yet to finish). And yesterday I built one of the birds.

Ta da!

My mum was also very cheeky and bought me the Naked Heat palette, this was actually for getting a good grade at uni and having lots of praise from my boss since I started working (review and eye shadow looks coming soon!) So yeah, she was very sneaky and left it on my bed for when I came home but I thought I should include it in this too. The shades are gorgeous and I’ve worn it everyday since I got it, I can’t wait to show you.

I also got a cute spotty rug for my room in Kent, which I think is adorable.

My sister gave me this little hanging sign that says ‘Never let anyone dull your sparkle’ which a love, it now hangs next to my door to remind me every time I leave the house. My sister also got me a subscription to Glossy Box which arrived at work today and made a very nice surprise (first impressions coming soon)! I’d been thinking about subscribing to a beauty subscription box again so I was really pleased when I saw this. 🙂


I also got a reed diffuser in ‘Tuscan Escape’ which is a lovely lemony scent and is making my room smell divine.

I received some cheeky little Hotel Chocolat bars in a few of my favourite flavours (Eton Mess, Caramel & Co and Mississipi Mud Pie). I look forward to nibbling these on rainy days (or Netflix seshes).

I got a book from Neal’s Yard called Eat Beautiful, as I’m a bit of a part time health freak and I love learning about how your diet can affect your skin, hair and nails as well as your mental health.

And last but not least is a little Hungry Catapillar trinket box. My mum wasn’t sure whether to give me this or not as she thought I might say that it’s babyish but I think it’s really sweet and I keep the earrings and rings in it that I wear on the daily.

And that my lovers, is it. Hope you enjoyed having a snoop and like me are looking forward to the Glossy Box and Naked Heat palette posts coming in the future.

Oooh and let me know if you’re a fellow ‘brickie’! Hahah




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