Liv Does… Paddle Boarding!

Hey my lovelies, I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend!

Now if you’ve been reading my blog for a bit you might remember a series I started called ‘Liv Does’ (Liv Does: the 70’s and Liv Does: The 50’s) centred around looks from different eras, now I didn’t mean to abandon it, it just became a bit difficult during the exam period and then moving. I don’t really have anyone to take pictures anymore. So I thought I’d re-vamp the series and make it a place where I do new things and then tell you guys about it (I have a few exciting things planned in the next few weeks)!

So my sister came down to visit this weekend and while looking for something for us to do she spotted Paddle Boarding, so at 11.30 on Saturday morning we headed to the harbour!

Now I’ll be honest with you guys, I took me at least 20 minutes of being on the water before I summed up the courage to stand up (I already jumped into the sea to take the shock of the water away) and man did my legs shake!! Haha, I must’ve looked such a sight to all the tourists walking about. But I eventually got the hang of it and by the end of the lesson I was standing on the board quite easily, steering was still quite difficult. I found it easier to build up speed when I was paddling on my knees, oh I before you ask, I didn’t fall in, fell onto the board twice but not into the sea.

(Please excuse the fact that I look a bit gross here-no make up obviously, and my skin has been going mad for the past week.)

I really enjoyed Paddle Boarding and seeing little fishy’s in the sea, it was something a bit different and I’d be well up for doing it again. I used to kayak for a bit and I wasn’t too bad at that so I might go back and have sea kayaking lessons. If you ever get the opportunity to have a go then I’d definitely recommend it. I only needed a swimming costume and then for £18 they supplied the wetsuit, paddle and board as well as giving us a 1-hour 15-minute lesson.

Hope you enjoyed this, stay tuned for an animal themed ‘Liv Does…’ next time.


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