Naked Heat Review

Long time no see! Sorry I abandoned you my lovelies, I lost track of time and life got in the way! Anyway how’ve you been? Have you been eating all your veggies?

Long story short…I’ve fallen in love…


I’ve been using this beauty for the past month so I thought I’d show you what my face has been looking like recently since this miracle (okay calm down Liv) came into my life.

And that’s what I’ve been wearing recently!

My favourite shades include: Lumbre and Scorched which are great for all over the lid, one is more orange toned and the other more pinky, I love to use Chaser in the crease with Low Blow (for a more neutral look), He Devil (to spice things up) or En Fuego (to smoke things out) in the outer corner, finishing with Ounce on the brow bone.

This is my favourite palette so far from Urban Decay (check out the other palettes I’ve tried here (my first ever post cringe), here).

For some reason, I haven’t written anything for the Naked 3 (another awesome palette).

I would highly recommend this palette for the autumn season whether you fancy a soft neutral orange based look or a sexy smoke out! I’d just been getting into orange shadows since my Haim Inspired Make Up Look so this palette ended up in my little Hobbit hands at just the right time.

Sorry it’s been so long, I promise I’ll be back again soon!


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