Liv Does…An Overnight Stay at London Zoo

Helloooooo ladies and jelly babies! Yes I’m still alive and aware it has been over a month since I last blogged, I won’t pretend that I’m turning a corner and there’ll be a regular post every week because well, I’ve failed at that haha.

So stay tuned for slightly irregular posts, maybe when you least expect it or maybe that’s when you’ll be expecting it most….hmmm I’ll let you ponder that…

Anyway, let me tell you about something very exciting I did a few weekends ago!


So as you may have guessed by the title a few weekends ago I did an overnight stay at the very lovely London Zoo situated in the very beautiful setting of Regent’s Park! As part of the experience, we stayed in a little chalet surrounded by about 7/8 other chalets right next to the lion enclosure (waking up to the sound of lions is quite something haha!)


Our ‘hotel room’


Here’s just a snapshot of some of the creatures we saw over the weekend.

We got access to the zoo for two days and had an evening tour by some of the keepers after the public had left which included visiting the porcupines and anteaters and giving them ‘enrichment’ to keep them entertained. We also got to feed the warthogs and pygmy hippos before going to the restaurant for a lovely meal with the keepers.

In the morning we walked around the zoo before it opened and got a behind the scenes tour of the herbivore kitchens.

This also included a very large hippo toothbrush…

We got up close to some tigers and then messed about taking pictures in a tuk-tuk…sorry mum!

ZSL does a lot of work in India to protect lions and help reduce animal-people conflict hence why the lion area is Indian-themed. I massively recommend the paneer burger they serve at the little street food place!

And that’s about it, I had a lovely weekend (thanks for paying for it mum, you’re a gem), saw some amazing animals and squealed with delight countless times haha!


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