Top Advent Calendar Picks

Merry Christmas ya’ filthy animals!

Long time no blog, I’m gonna have to stop saying that, I just checked back and realized that I didn’t post at all during November. Naughty blogger there, no points for Ravenclaw (oh yes I did just say that, physically cringing).

Anyway on with the show!

As it is the first of December, I thought I’d share with you my three top picks for Advent Calendars this year, as I treated myself to two calendars (first time having a beauty advent calendar) and then I was treated to a cheeky third advent calendar by a certain special someone in my life (cringes again).

Number 1- (For my massive inner geek) Lego City Advent Calendar

In this calendar you get the full 24 days, with each little door hiding another miniature build, all leading up to a cute Christmas scene (nerd style). No doubt I’ll end up losing some of the pieces but it curbs my craving for Lego each day.

Number 2- (For the makeup addict in me) Sleek MakeUp A Gift A Day Advent Calendar

Again another 24 day calendar, I can’t be doing with this 12 day rubbish (sorry Zoella), out of all the beauty advent calendars I thought this was the best steal. Under £50, full-sized products and actual products, none of this being fobbed off with a hair bobble or something. I’ve tried a few Sleek products, I love their blushers and highlighters but I’m very excited to see what lies behind the other doors.


Number 3- (For the middle-aged part time alcoholic in me) Morrison’s Gin-mas Advent Calendar

Now this one was a real surprise I was not expecting, but something I did have my eye on. Recently I’ve become a bit of a gin-lover so the opportunity to try a few niche or more interesting gins is right up my street. Each day you get a small bottle, the equivalent of about two shots, enough for a cheeky drink but not so much that you’ll be a drunken mess throughout December, haha.

Here’s today’s haul from behind the first door:

A Lego train

Edinburugh Gin

Sleek Rose Gold Blush

Hope you enjoyed a festive read, what did you get in your advent calendar today?

I’m off to my work Christmas party tonight so stay tuned for a cheeky party look post 😉


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