Liv Does…Lille

Bonjour ma petite chou-fleurs!

Last Sunday I spent the day in Lille (the trip was organised by work but I decided to drag the fella along with me).

It was a very early start for a Sunday morning but it was cool to go through the Eurotunnel for the first time, I also thought while I’m living in Kent it would be a good opportunity to have a day trip to France. It took a few hours of driving to get to Lille but we had a little nap on the way there so the journey went a bit quicker!IMG_1732

Anyway once we got into the city we were free to walk around and visit the Christmas markets, there was also quite a bit of snow, which was nice to see as at that point we hadn’t really had any snow yet. It was bloody freezing though, definitely should’ve put more layers on!

So of course as soon as we got away from the rest of the group we managed to get lost, typical, eh! But we stumbled into this cool geeky shop that had about a million different Funko Pop! characters, really should’ve got a picture.

After that we spotted the Chrismas market and headed for that, first stop CHURROS!!

So we ate our churros in the drizzly rain and wandered around the market, taking note of all the cute doggos there were, as it was so cold we decided to stop off at a cafe and get a hot drink, from there we planned where we wanted to go next and took advantage of the heaters hanging above us.


We thought we’d look around the nearby streets and we found the coolest chocolate shop. Oh yeah, there were two chocolate frogs casually sat in a chocolate bath haha.


The weather didn’t get much better so we headed for the shopping centre, on the way I dragged Matt into a chemist to see if they had any of the products that the company I work for produces, couldn’t see anything though, much to his annoyance of me wasting time haha.


French Primark made me laugh haha.

In the shopping centre was one of mine and Matt’s favourite shops…LEGO!! So, of course, we went in and cried at the price of everything.


I also went in Sephora for the first time and marvelled at all the makeup but didn’t feel very well so I didn’t spend as much time in there as I would have liked to. 😦


As time was running out before the coach was due to leave, we nipped into the supermarket for a few bits and of course, I had to take a picture of snails.

Our train back to England got delayed and so we ended up hanging around in duty-free for a while but there was a Burger King so all was good, copious amounts of salty fries made up for the delay.

All-in-all, a nice little adventure, and because I’m a soppy one, it was just nice to spend time with the lad haha. 🙂


P.s, sorry there’s no Christmas party post that I promised, I don’t have full-length images or pictures of the makeup on the night so I didn’t think there was much point.


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