100th Post: Peppermint Candy Cane Soaps

Oh hey, 2018 and hey 100th blog post!

Now if you know me in real life or you’re just very good at stalking you’ll know that I used to make soap… quite a lot of soap actually… so I thought while I was back home for the holidays I might as well make some and write a blog post about it. 🙂

A bit of a recipe if you like, you will need:

White/opaque soap base

2 microwave safe jugs (and a microwave 😉 )

A sharp knife

Some silicone moulds

Peppermint essential oil

Red food colouring/ soap dye

(Glitter is optional, use food grade glitter for baking or if you’re really super duper good, use environmentally friendly-biodegradable glitter)


First, you need to cut up the soap base and pop it into the two jugs, you want roughly the same amount, you can weigh it but I just eyeballed it. Also be careful cutting, soap is super slippy, you also want to cut chunks that are roughly the same size.


You then want to microwave the two jugs, no more than a minute at a time, stir and then heat again, mine melted after 2 minutes.


You should let this cool for a few minutes while still stirring, if you add in the oil while the soap is still really hot, you risk just burning it off and you’ll be left with no scent. At this point, you should also add in the red colouring to one of the mixtures, a few drops at a time before stirring it in, this will give you more control over the shade. Then add the oil (I used about 12 drops in each jug).

You then want to pour a little bit of mixture into the moulds, allow this to form a bit of a skin, then add in some of the other colour and so on and so on, so you get this swirled/layered effect. *Soap hack* when you get to the end you may want to spray the surface with isopropyl alcohol to get rid of any bubbles, I couldn’t find it in the cupboard but would seriously recommend it to improve the overall finish.

It depends on the size of the soap as to how long you leave it to set but I left these for 2-3 hours before turning them out, you can leave it overnight just to be sure though.


I then wrapped mine in spotty cellophane, ready to give as gifts or to keep them fresh before using them yourself.

Hope you enjoyed this slightly more crafty post!


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