Liv Does…Reykjavik (Iceland)

Hey jelly babies, I didn’t realise but today is Themattelip’s second birthday, I feel like such a bad mother for not remembering, but I think we all know my attention to this baby has been a little erratic, I still can’t promise you that’s gonna change. I do still appreciate my little corner of the internet though, the buzz I get from a new subscriber or when a work colleague tells me they read my post, it makes my day! πŸ™‚

So happy birthday Themattelip, you’ve just about survived 2 years!

Anyway onto the hot gossip, or should I say ice cold gossip πŸ˜‰ (this is the part where I walk in, nudge you and keep winking at you while saying ‘aye, aye’….Β I know, my imagination just needs to tone it down sometimes)

Day 1-(14th Jan)

Flying to Keflavik

Our room at OK Hotel

Exploring Reykjavik

Wales of Iceland Museum

Day 2-(15th Jan)

Day 2 begins

Exploring Reykjavik and Hallgrimskirkja church


Northern lights (my face looks like a potato in the last pic so I covered it with a potato)

Day 3-(16th Jan)

Stop one of the Golden Circle tour: A tomato farm that uses geothermal energy to grow fruit

Geothermal Park- Geyser and Strokkur

Gullfoss (Golden Falls)

The European and American tectonic plates and getting caught in a blizzard on the way back to Reykjavik

Day 4-(17th Jan)

Β The Blue Lagoon

IMG_2339Very spicy noodles

Goofing around and burgers with a caramel and amaretto milkshake at Lebowski Bar (deffo recommend)

Day 5-(18th Jan)

Home time!

I thought I’d keep text quite limited in this post as there are quite a few pics, let me know if you want any recommendations for Reykjavik!


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