Charlotte Tilbury- Hot Lips (Carina’s Love, Kim K.W, Secret Salma)

I’m getting back into blogging. I overthink… massively, I obsess over the past, I worry over the future (particularly at the moment where I will only let myself think a month ahead), I read into every emoji, every behaviour change, every choice of word used, I’m constantly paranoid. I thought everybody’s head worked like this…apparently not. It’s like my thoughts are in overdrive for the majority of the day. In the past the only ‘relaxation’ or break I got from this was either while asleep or blackout drunk…(that’s how you develop a reputation for always being very drunk on a night out, not something I want to carry on, I now actually have paranoia around getting too drunk). I realised while writing the Iceland post that I got a break from these feelings, I cried while writing it actually, a combination of what’s going on in my life right now (which I’m not ready to talk about) and the relief that for a little while everything just felt clear, the fog lifted and for a few hours I escaped. So I guess what I mean is, I’m writing this blog not for the views or the likes but for my mental health, and that’s okay.

Anyway, so that’s why I’m still here. What I actually want to talk about is lipstiiiiiiiicks!

I got this little set for Christmas and I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while (took the photos for it on Boxing Day…oops, only a month late haha). They’re actually the first Charlotte Tilbury products I’ve owned, so of course, the first product it had to be a lipstick 😉

I’m not too fussed that they’re inspired by influential female celebrities, I’m more in it for the shades and formulas, to be honest. But I do love the dinky size, I tend to get bored halfway through a lipstick and come back to it later…this, this is my kinda lipstick… some may even say hobbit-sized 😉 (also makes it easier to apply without a brush)


Anyway onto the colours (just a warning, I look dead in all these pictures, damn you winter sun! Probably should’ve upped the saturation or something but I didn’t want to affect the shade of the lipstick too much.)

Left to Right- Carina’s Love, Kim K.W, Secret Salma (on second glance could’ve blended that eyeshadow a little more… my bad)

All three lipsticks have a creamy texture, that dreamy vanilla birthday cake scent and seem to be pretty wearable with a variety of eyeshadow shades. My favourite has to be Secret Salma though, I’m a sucker for a slightly darker purple-y toned nude, bellissimo!

So that’s it, I’m hooked! Already eyeing up other CT lipsticks…Pillow Talk, that means you 😉




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