An Average Weekly Veggie Shop

Okay big disclaimer *I am in no way a health professional, I am not saying my diet is super healthy or varied, this is purely just what I buy in an average week. Hopefully, if you are thinking about vegetarianism or veganism it may give you a little inspiration. I also had some stuff in the cupboards/fridge still so typically I would probably eat a little more than what is shown/some of this food will last until next week anyway. I am writing this post to show how easy vegetarianism can be, how it can actually be pretty cheap and purely because I love to read these kind of posts/watch meal prep or food shop videos on YouTube.*


Also, all this food only cost me £14.72, I hate spending money on food so I always try to buy the cheapest option, depends what it is though, I’d spend any amount on cheese lol.

For breakfast, I tend to have Alpro High Protein yoghurt with frozen raspberries (already in the freezer and cheaper than fresh). Or because I’ll only get 2 portions out of a tub, sometimes I have porridge with peanut butter and banana.

Bananas and apples make good snacks while at work and recently I’ve started drinking a protein shake to make sure I’m getting enough each day.

For lunches, during the week I basically exist off Quorn Southern Fried Fillets with rice and veg (still had lots in the fridge and freezer). I got some houmous too as an easy snack/lunch option.

I got beans, lentils, wraps, mince and peppers (a must for any meal- normally get frozen but they didn’t have any #sadtimes) to make some kinda Mexican style wraps. Potatoes for wedges too, got some sweet potatoes in the cupboard but it’s nice to have a mix.

I always have lots of cupboard-y stuff in (rice, pasta, spices, stock cubes) just in case, makes a good base for a meal and buying in larger quantities helps to save dollar.


So bit of a random one but it’s the kind of post I like to read, hope you enjoyed it.



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