Tattoo Talk

Hey hey, back again!

So this post was inspired by a YouTube video that I stumbled across, I think it came up on autoplay but I found myself watching it this evening and it made me think about why I have tattoos, how they make me feel and what they mean to me.


Now I understand tattoos aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, hell, at school I didn’t think I’d particularly get any and when my mum found out about mine, I don’t think she was over the moon about it (sorry mum, you did say they’re pretty though!)

I understand as well that sometimes people may not approve of them in a professional context as tattooing history is often associated with gangs and convicts but as they become more and more popular I think views are changing. Personally, I am very conscious of how they may be viewed in a work environment, so I’d never choose to get them on my hands, face, neck, forearms or chest. But I still appreciate them on other people.

So what do tattoos mean to me? Well, the first tattoo I got was a triangle with flowers coming out of it, on my thigh. I love flowers and anything floral, plus I knew for my first one I wanted to play it safe and get something that would always look pretty. I chose a triangle because one of my favourite bands is Alt-J and their band name as well as their song ‘Tessellate’ are both associated with triangles. This is also one of my sister’s favourite bands and we went to see them together, so I guess it’s a nod to her too.

My second tattoo was a pinky promise with dark navy nails, on my ribs. I wanted something with hands and I like the innocence of a pinky promise and at the time when I got it done, promises were especially important to me as I made an important promise to someone and I wanted to remember that. I also wanted to have a little piece of Kent to take with me after I left (I’ve decided I want a tattoo from everywhere I’ve lived/live, so the first one was in my home city).

I got my third tattoo about a month later, again more flowers. I wanted lavender to remind me to be calm and to have peace and I chose wildflowers to mark/celebrate the freedom I felt at that point.

My tattoos make me feel sexy and confident, I love showing them off and to be honest I look forward to the days of looking like a badass mum picking my kid up from school.

Lots of love

 Liv x

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