I Deleted All My Dating Apps

Hello my lovelies!

I’m aware this kind of topic around love and relationships comes up quite a lot on the blog, I guess that’s because I struggle with it sometimes and writing really helps me to get clarity on it.

So here goes…

I downloaded my first dating app (Tinder) in January of my first year at uni, that was just over 3 years ago and in that time I’ve been on and off them countless times and I’d go as far to say as the longest relationship I’ve ever had is with dating apps themselves.

In that time I must’ve spoken to hundreds if not thousands of people and out of them, I can count on one hand the number of meaningful connections I’ve made and still have fingers to spare, to be honest.

I think at this stage I’ve seen it all, thousands of dog pictures, pictures with cars, suspicious pictures that look like you and your ex-girlfriend, ‘it’s my sister in the third pic’ pictures, pictures obviously taken a few minutes before making the account, pictures at the gym, group pictures where I have absolutely no idea who you could be out of a bunch of 8 very average looking lads, pictures from Snapchat, pictures of food, slideshows made into pictures, pictures that slowly zoom in as you swipe, ‘not my kid’ pictures, pictures of you and your nan, low angle poor lighting pictures, crazy eyes pictures, fake smiling pictures, pictures taken in a club, pictures that belong on your 2008 Tumblr account, pictures of bodybuilders, pictures of memes, pictures of celebrities that are not you, pictures of you on your ‘gap yah’, pictures of you smoking, pictures of you in tweed, it goes on….



Don’t get me started on bios.



So goodbye to dating apps

Goodbye to monotonous conversations

Goodbye to imagining fictional lives with strangers

Goodbye to conversations out of boredom

Goodbye to convincing myself ‘I’m sure they’re more interesting in person’

Goodbye to empty compliments from strangers

Goodbye to measuring my self-worth on the number of matches I get each day

Goodbye old friend, I would say it’s me not you, but…it’s definitely you


Liv x


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