Gym Thoughts

Alright my lovelies, so I tend to come up with most of my blog posts actually while I’m running at the gym. So I thought why not do a post where I list all the other thoughts that seem to pop into my head. Maybe you can relate?

Why did I  decide to wear light grey? This is never gonna be flattering

Can you see my pants through these leggings?

I need to update this playlist, getting a bit repetitive

Should I get a resistance band?

God, I wish I had a bum like that

How do people run in front of the mirror? Like where do you look? Do you stare into your own eyes? Isn’t that a bit weird?

What kind of stretch is that?

What would happen if the next time they jumped on that box, they missed?

All the treadmills are free, why do you have to choose the one right next to me?

Oh great, someone from my course

Do I need to grow my butt?

Ahhh the cool blast from the fan

Definitely gonna end up falling down the stairs after this

Ooh they’re not bad looking

Should I start lifting?

Mmm water is underrated

I need to start coming more often, this is harder than I remember

Ow, ow. Sweat in my eye

Is that smell me or someone else?

One day I’ll be one of those girls that rocks up in a sports bra and leggings and gives no f*cks

When I get off this, is there gonna be a sweaty mark?

I really can’t wait to shower after this

Is it normal to sweat this much?

I wonder how much water I’ve lost

I need to buy cute workout clothes


Lots of love,

Liv x

(aka the OG Sweaty Betty)



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