5 Things That Got Me Through Freshers

Bonjour bonjour my lovelies!

I’ve been thinking about uni a lot recently, my last hand in is in less than 2 months so the last couple of weeks I’ve been feeling kinda nostalgic and also wondering what post-uni life holds. So expect to see a lot of university-related content as I look back on the last 4 years of my life.

But today I thought I’d share with you 5 things that got me through my first year at uni.


Number 1- MUG. CAKES.

There was a stage where I probably made a mug cake nearly every day and if you don’t know what they are, it’s basically what it says on the tin. Cake in a mug that you make in the microwave, don’t judge me, I’m a chubby girl, I like cake.


Number 2- Aldi Malibu/Disaronno

There was one night where I mixed Coco Bay (Aldi Malibu) with pineapple juice (trying to be fancy with ma lil pina colada mix) and was severely losing the drinking games we were playing and I ended up throwing up on my friend’s stairs while dressed as a mime…


Number 3- Plasters

I’m very clumsy, I stub my toes far too frequently and in first year I lost the toenail on my big toe, plasters managed to keep it holding on for a little while longer…yup I know that’s gross. I also used to insist on wearing heels on every night out and basically ruined my feet, plasters were a necessity. Flats are a godsend!

You really don’t need to see a picture of this but nothing says nostalgia like a very damaged toenail, am I right?… It’s also probably too late for a trigger warning :/


Number 4- Yik Yak

Anyone remember Yik Yak? Was this a UK thing? I used to spend far too much time on there as a fresher, got a mention once from a guy in a lecture. The fame went to my head.


Number 5- Eyeliner…apparently.

Many times did I go way too far with eyeliner in first year…I think I just didn’t know when to stop, why did nobody tell me?? …Hun, step away from the felt tip liner. Also, sort out your selfie game!

What got you through first year? Any cringey moments?


Liv x

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