Crayola X ASOS Beauty Crayons First Impressions

Hi lovelies!

Kicking it back old school with a makeup post. I found myself on ASOS a couple of days ago and I stumbled across the Crayola Beauty range which is exclusive ASOS. Having already created my own tints using Crayola crayons a couple of years ago, I thought I would give the real deal ago. They have a brilliant colour range and everything from crayons and highlighters to palettes and brightly coloured mascaras.




From a marketing POV it’s really cool to see a brand diversifying into a completely different market or collaborating with another brand to produce something new. I think it’s important to support this kind of product development as it shows the company that consumers are interested and it may mean that they continue to manufacture them and expand their portfolio.

I decided to stick with more neutral colours as I knew I was more likely to use them, gone are the days of 12-year-old Olivia and blue eyeshadows! I bought two sets, the Wild Fruits Trio and the Sahara Desert Trio. All the crayons have a kinda fruity scent, it’s not too heavy and overpowering but enough to get a little pleasant waft as you apply it.

As you can see below, they are all very pigmented too, they apply as a creamy formula and then set as a semi-matte or satin finish. I don’t yet know how well they blend or how good the staying power is but so far I’m pretty impressed.



(Top to Bottom: Strawberry, Mango Tango, Very Cherry, Brown, Tumbleweed, Desert Sand)

I think Mango Tango and Tumbleweed would make great shades for eyeshadow or highlighter if blended out a little more, Desert sand would provide a smooth base for other eye shadows. Brown could be used on the lids/crease or as a contour shade, Strawberry and Very Cherry could be used on the lips or cheeks for a light flush of colour. But the idea of Crayola is to be creative and just use your imagination so really you can use the crayons however you like!

I’m looking forward to experimenting with these and hopefully finding more multi-use products, maybe you’ll be seeing some monochrome looks from me in the future, keep your eyes peeled kids!

Lots of Love,

Liv x

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