Sustainable Brands I’m Loving

Hello my lovelies, today I thought I’d talk to you about a few sustainable brands I’m loving at the moment.

In the last couple of months, I’ve been trying to buy more secondhand clothing and electricals, usually through Depop, charity shops or eBay. But sometimes It can be difficult if you’re looking for something specific or the thought of things like secondhand gym wear may seem a little off-putting. So I’ve put together four brands that are doing their bit for the environment and they fit nicely into the following categories: General Clothing, Gym Wear, Skincare and Beauty and Bags and Luggage.  


General Clothing- Lucy & Yak

Recently I bought The Organic Original Corduroy Dungarees in black, I’ve always been a big fan of pinafores, I love the lazy approach to fashion, slinging on a stripey top and wearing a pinafore over the top. I also love anything cord and have been after some dungas for a while, I just didn’t fancy the classic denim ones. I’d also seen everyone and their nan wearing Lucy & Yak over on Instagram and Depop and I wanted in.

I bought them in a Medium with a 30″ leg (for reference I’m 5’2 and normally a size 12) and they fit really well, enough room to move around, you might want to wear the straps a little looser though just to give you room to bend down. I turned them up twice at the end and they rest just above my ankles. I’ve been wearing them a lot with just t-shirts, black converse, a headscarf and some big hoops, going for that off-duty art teacher vibe haha.


Gym Wear- Girlfriend Collective


I’m wanting to get back into the gym or maybe trying some yoga but all my current gym leggings were a bit tight and to be honest you could very clearly see my pants through the material, not ideal! So I was looking into getting a higher quality pair from a sustainable brand and Melanie Murphy had mentioned Girlfriend Collective in her latest monthly vlog.

So I had a lil look and decided to get a pair of their Compressive High-Rise Leggings in black (size Medium), I wanted something that wasn’t gonna show my pants, holds in my muffin top and ultimately was gonna be sustainably produced and of a high quality and oh boy she delivers! Popped them on as soon as they arrived and went to show my mum how smooth they are and not a polka dot knicker to be seen!


Skincare and Beauty- Lush

I’m sure this brand needs no introduction! I have loved Lush for years and quite honestly my dream job would be working for them (or Lego) in their marketing department. I love that Lush have always had a very ethical approach to how they operate. They haven’t just jumped on the bandwagon of plastic or packaging-free, I think they also just have something that The Body Shop doesn’t, Lush feels far less commercial and the products are genuine, not just ‘oh shea butter is popular at the moment, let’s bring out shea butter in everything’. Sorry Body Shop, you just don’t do it for me hun.

Lush are experts in skin and they really know what works, they have always campaigned against animal testing and their Charity Pot moisturiser has helped to fund groups working to support animal protection, the environment and human rights. They’re just bloody good eggs in my opinion!

A few bits I’m currently using 


Bags and Luggage- Lefrik


In a few weeks I’m starting a new job and I wanted a new bag to take with me for notebooks, laptop, lunch, etc… My old bag was looking quite worn and I wanted something that was going to look smart but ideally still a backpack in case everything gets quite heavy.

I had a bit of a browse for sustainable options but everything seemed pretty pricey (I’m talking over £100) and they didn’t particularly look that professional. I think I found Lefrik on an article about sustainable bags, I can’t remember. Anyway, I loved the simplicity of the brand and that the bags are made from recycled PET. I was after the Handy in grey but unfortunately, they had sold out so I opted for the Daily which is a bit more expensive but I knew it was something I’d be using every day so I’d certainly be getting my money’s worth.

I’m yet to give it a test drive but already impressed with the quality and that also the internal sleeve for a laptop, is lined with a soft material to prevent scratching, it’s a nice touch.


And that kids, is your lot. Let me know of any sustainable brands you’ve been loving, always happy to support companies who are doing good things!


Lots of love

Liv x

(P.s I’m thinking of changing the name of my blog but I don’t know what to, any suggestions?)

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